African Winter at Tree Spirit

Beautiful sunrises and sunsets, hot days and cold enough evenings to have the fire going, that’s the joys of the South African Winter at Tree Spirit.

A change of season where the summer trees loose all their leaves waiting for spring to return and burst into life again.

In the garden the┬ábeds are all mulched for winter and at last it’s cold enough in the evening for the peas, broad beans, brassicas to come into flower. We’ve had very little rain so far following an extremely hot summer. So hopefully we get lucky and we get just enough to keep everything watered.

500+ winter bulbs have been planted in the burn circles with the proteas and other larger plants still to go in. The summer bulbs will only go in August time. Walking around the farm though it is so beautiful to see the fynbos in flower pockets of colour everywhere bringing the sunbirds who love to feast on them. Bees are also happy with the diversity of plants in flower to choose from.

It may be winter however it’s a beautiful time to be on the farm and enjoy what this season has to offer sipping red wine and cosy around a fire.